I'm Melissa. I'm a mom to the cutest three year old boy named Finn! I love the outdoors and hiking. Snakes absolutely terrify me. I'm obsessed with golden retrievers & huskies! 80's music is where it's at... also anything acoustic. I'm a lover of Star Wars, Game of Thrones, warm chocolate chip cookies, ice cream & of course tacos. 

I live in the beautiful desert of St. George, Utah & I specialize in weddings & portraits! I have been doing photography for over six years! I have been learning and growing so I can confidently capture every memorable moment leading up to and on your big day for those who are getting married! My goal as an artist is make everyone feel comfortable & their best self. I believe we all should know how truly magnificent we really are. I strive to capture real genuine moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.
My style is very timeless, romantic and organic

meet Your Photographer 

You're not just getting photos, You're getting an experience! 
I'm not going to pose you awkwardly and have you look at the camera and say cheese. Every "pose" is natural & shows the love between you and your significant other! Just relax and have fun with each other! Let me do all the work! 


I'm also like your personal hype man! I promise you, that you will feel so comfortable & confident when you are in front of my lens! 
A lot of brides tell me I'm just like one of their bridesmaids but with  the camera. I've connected so close to so many of my brides! Get ready for the potential to be lifelong friends! 


My photos tell a story. YOUR story.
I give 101% to all my couples. I make sure that their photos fit them as a couple & will truly showcase their love. When your wedding is over the only thing that lasts is your memories & your photographs. 


Why pick me as your photographer?